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Project management

You can judge the success of a clinical trial by traditional measures: completion on or ahead of schedule, at or under budget, with all deliverables meeting accepted levels of quality. But here, it’s much more.

Our project managers are among the best — energetic, intensely customer-focused, and uncommonly adept at building the optimal team for each trial. They’re experts at turning clean data to conclusive results while working in the most challenging indications in rare disease, oncology, and other therapeutic disciplines. And while they’re devoted to delivering trial success to sponsors, they have an equally firm commitment to patients, physicians, and regulators.

Whether it’s a relatively simple pain study or an ultra-rare disease trial spanning the world, they follow a proven roadmap for planning and execution: start with a clear objective, select and train the best team, mind every detail, communicate relentlessly, and execute to the highest standards.

You can’t afford shortcuts when lives and the future of medical discovery are at stake.

We perform clinical trial simulation to evaluate the best study design to meet the customer’s goals and timelines.

Our PMs look at feasibility, developing the protocol, identifying potential risks, and mapping out the timeline. Then they initiate study planning, personnel training, vendor selection, evaluation of monitoring options, and systems setup. Underpinning their work is eMediMonitorius, a comprehensive analytics and visualization suite that provides real-time access to study metrics to support fast, accurate decision-making.

Call us obsessive about process and accountability, and we’ll gladly take the compliment. Data quality, surveillance, resource coordination, patient safety — if it promotes scientific rigor and ensures integrity, it’s our priority

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